The Drawing Challenge Update

Since I issued my "draw something every day" challenge to myself, life has been doling out the stress from multiple directions, and it has definitely gotten a grip on my psyche--and this has taken a toll on my drawings.

Sure, I've been able to stick with the idea of drawing every day (well, except Saturday because I was out of the house from 7:30 am to 11 pm helping my kids' choruses with a competition they were attending), but like I predicted at the beginning, masterpieces, these have not been.

It started with my Veranna piece. While I was pretty happy with how Veranna turned out, the dance mistress, Devna is not great work. And without the context of the booing audience and flying rubbish, the scene lacks the impact I went for in the story. But it was meant to be quick, and thus the focus on only the major players.
Mind you, this is just a sketch of the final idea
The final will use a real font

After that, I worked a bit on the Geek Girl design, which will likely be the concept that gets the most mileage from this whole endeavor, and honestly, if it pans out, it will be worth the whole experiment, because I think it has potential to be a great t-shirt.

Next, I had a couple days of misfires, one of my elf character from Curse Bearer (Culduin) which failed to capture him at all, and one of mermaid that I actually started a redo on today. The redo is coming out better, but I want to get further on it before I post it. Somewhere in there, I did a scribble of Fiernoth, a dragon from the next Windrider novel, Valor's Worth. That one rises slightly above the level of misfire.

The fact is, it's hard to draw when you are feeling under pressure, (even self-imposed) from multiple directions. Couple my overladen life with the fact that the supplement I was taking to help my sleep and my anxiety has turned out to have digestive side effects that make it too miserable to take, and you get more misses than hits on the drawing target.

But honestly, beautifully-rendered drawings aren't the goal of this whole endeavor, and I need to remind myself of that--daily. If polish was the goal, it would be the "draw something every two weeks" challenge. For now, it's enough that I'm working to carve out the time where I can. In the end, there will be a few gems within the tailings, and I can't complain about that.


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