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Plugging another destination

Hey Friends of fantasy,

I've got a new read for you, if you're interested. My good friend and critique partner Ruth Mills is launching a new blog this week, which will deal with movies, literature, and sometimes both at once. I'm sure she'd be thrilled if you dropped in, and since there's nothing to see here at the moment, hey, at least I pointed you to some reading, right? :)

I hope you enjoy, and if you do, drop Ruth a comment and let her know.

Where's My Windrider Installment?!

At least I hope somebody, somewhere asked that today.

But either way, I thought it only fair to mention why you've got no story, since here it is the first of the month. First of all, I had a post go live today on The New Authors Fellowship today, and I said I wasn't going to stack Windrider stories on top of NAF posts, so that has bumped Windrider, I fear. (I've committed to Sundays at NAF, so Windrider doesn't have the clout to mess with that.) So, I'm thinking the adjusted method of operations for Windrider is going to end up being the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. This will give a few breathing days between my pelting you with NAF links and new story segments. I appreciate we all only have so much time to read.

My other excuse for bumping Windrider back is that I didn't work on it while I was in UT. I just couldn't afford to subdivide my attention. The way I see it, I was paying about $18.75 an hour for the education I was receiving and wr…