Draw Something Every Day Challenge: Day 1

Veranna is ushered from the stage by the dance mistress when the crowd turns ugly...
On my way to work today, I was thinking about some of my artist friends who have been working full-time in the art industry since we graduated college in the late 90's, and how I admire the way their craft has grown because of it. I've been what you would call "all over the map" in terms of what I have been doing with my days since college, ranging from game animation, to full-time parenting, to managing files for a sheet music company, to writing novels and novellas--so needless to say, drawing has taken a serious back seat. I don't love that truth.

So in an effort to limber up, I've decided to challenge myself to draw something every day for the next 30 days. Some of them I'll post here, some I might throw onto Facebook only. But I thought I would give you the method behind my madness as I begin.

Now, there are destined not to be masterpieces, but just little sketches I can crank out on my lunch break or while I'm waiting for files to upload.

Today's sketch is inspired by a short story I just submitted for an anthology that gives readers a glimpse into the early life of the prophetess, Veranna, from The Windrider Saga. I hope you enjoy this little journey, and maybe you, too, will be inspired to try something you haven't really focused on lately but still love.


  1. We went camping a couple weeks ago and I dragged along a drawing book I bought probably two months ago but hadn't cracked open. It was SO awesome to force myself to work on *technique* again--something I haven't really done in a long time.

    1. Maybe I need to take up camping...that would give me all kinds of reasons to sit down with the sketch book, given the limited technology that would be involved with being away someplace remote. (Puts cabin on list of things to buy with the millions my long lost relatives will some day leave me...)


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