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I'm a Finalist and Need Your Votes

Hey loyal friends! I'm blowing the dust off the old blog here because I finally have some news on the art front. First, the time-sensitive thing that I need your help on, and then I'll do a general update about what else I've been up to since the summer.

First of all, I have been painting for a paint-and-sip model art studio called Painting with a Twist since January, and they are sponsoring an art contest. The idea is that artists from the franchises would submit paintings they think customers (often with little to no art background) would like to paint and find attainable (since painting is SO not fun when you can't do what the artist is teaching.)

So anyway, about 500 paintings landed in the submission box at the corporate office, and mine made it into the top 20! Feelin' pretty good about that, even though I will probably go to my grave insisting I'm not really a painter. The submission I offered up looks like this:

So if you go to: http://www.paintingwitha…