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Harry and Honey Moon come to Pennsylvania--and I'm signing books

I officially have my first appearance scheduled as a book illustrator!

The work I've been doing on the Harry Moon brand is pulling me from my typical introverted seclusion into not one, but two opportunities to sell and sign books on Small Business Saturday, which is just after Thanksgiving.

These events will be great, for a few reasons:

I will be able to hobnob with the Queen of Author Events herself, Suzanne Kuhn, who will be signing the Honey Moon books she's written alongside me as illustrator.I will be able to encourage people to support local, independent businesses--a Christian bookstore and one that sells all book genres. I am a big fan of the "Shop Local" movement.I'll get to see my work pass into the hands of new readers--what creative person doesn't love that?

So, if you know anyone in the Mid Atlantic who would like to pick up some fun reading for their elementary aged kids, please tell them about us. Find us at

The Master's Mercantile, Pottsto…

Artistic Seasons and How I'm Growing


With just a few weeks left until summer's end, of course the thrust of my work right now would be all about winter. It's like the crooked, sardonic smile fate likes to cast at me, because it's a gazillion degrees outside, and every frame I design for my new graphic novel project has a dusting of snow over it. My characters are wearing scarves, and I'm fending off heat induced hives, which are one of the awesome additions my fibromyalgia has thrown into the mix.

Anyway, the project I've got brewing for Rabbit Publishing right now is another tale set in Sleepy Hollow, featuring Harry Moon and the usual suspects. It involves a 150-foot snow sculpture of the headless horseman and his mount, which magically end up wreaking havoc. I won't say more for fear of spoilers, but it's been a good laugh to have the instructions come back from my project manager that say, "Make it creepier!"
I have also had the awesome privilege of receiving my first copy …

In the Home Stretch with Harry!

I used to be a fan of horse racing--mostly because, well, horses. I've become less enamored of it because of the extremes the sport subjects young animals to and the gambling aspect of things, but let it suffice to say "the home stretch" generates a more robust metaphor for me than maybe your average user of idioms.

The home stretch, if the race is close, means the jockeys are pulling out all the stops to get every last bit of speed from mounts that are just about spent. The whips are flying, horses are foaming, there's likely mud everywhere. So when I say I'm in the home stretch of finishing the first Harry Moon graphic novel, I don't mean I'm happily drifting toward a blissful light at the end of the tunnel. I mean I'm flogging myself, proverbial foam lathering my productivity, and there's almost as much chance of me blowing a tendon as there is of me finishing the race with flying colors.

But this is nothing new for me. If there's anything …

Artwork selections of late

Maybe some of you have noticed...I sort of suck at blogging. I mean, really. I don't know why, but article-writing just seems beyond my capacity...any point I want to make is basically able to be summed up in the space of a Facebook post, so that's pretty much where I've been doing all my ruminating for the past couple of years. So in terms of my blog, I have decided to allow myself to let it be for the occasional announcement, periodic update, or sampling of "here's what I'm up to."

Today is a "here's what I'm up to" day. I've decided to share a couple pieces of artwork with you fine folks, hopefully for your enjoyment and not just the stroking of my ego.