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Valor's Worth Cover Reveal

Whether or not you believe it takes a village to raise a child, it does seem to take at least a city block or two of folks to build a book cover--at least when you're like me and have the vision, but lack the layout chops to actually finish the job!

And so, after the coordinating efforts of Mitchell Bently of Atomic Fly Studios, Morgen and Ken Knott's photography, and my crazy building of props, sketching, and mocking up, we arrive at the cover for the next release in The Windrider Saga...

I hope the covers will speak for themselves and draw in readers for this, the first novel-length Windrider story to reach the market. Look for it at the beginning of August...and don't worry, there will be an announcement when you can get the book on Amazon.

Go vote in the Clive Staples Award

There are so many awards out there where the audience for the nominees in question (whether it's movies, books, or music in question) lament that the board of folks who choose the winners are completely out of touch with what normal people actually like. I think of the Oscars, especially. How many years has the best picture award gone to films that the average film goer watches, wrinkles his nose, and says, "Really?"

Well, this shouldn't be the case with the Clive Staples Award, offered by Speculative Faith and co-sponsored by The Faith and Fantasy Alliance. The Clive Staples Award is a reader's choice award, where you, dear readers, have the chance to give a shout out to your favorite book of 2012. In an effort to keep the contest from degenerating into a test of which authors can get the most voters to show up and click on their book, the contest sets the stipulation that voters must have read at least two of the books on the finalist list. This should end up e…