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Kick it Into Gear

Have you ever heard of Kickstarter? I hadn't until very recently, when a few of my very talented artist friends started promoting projects they were working on through Kickstarter exists to help creative people fund projects they want to complete, but need financial resources to make it a success.

My former college roommate, Christina Hess, sponsored a campaign to create a book of illustrations of animals portrayed as historical figures. Who knew the world of the internet that animals in clothes would be so wildly popular? (Christina did, apparently. She exceeded her fundraising goal. And of course, her work is so stunning, it's easy for backers to get behind.)

Then there's Drew Gilbert, who (as of this writing is in the final days of his campaign) who has been working on a documentary about people who have undertaken "wireless" careers in order to see the world while still gainfully employed. They are 80% of the way to an ambitious goal, and I…