Coming this Summer: Valor's Worth, book III of The Windrider Saga

Whew. The last 10 days have been, in a word, insane.

On April 30th, my husband and I became first-time home-owners through a fairly complicated loan process called a 203K loan, which is a federal loan that lumps home purchase and renovation into a single closing. The loan type exists to make it possible for home buys who can't simply pay cash for a house that needs rehab in order to be livable. (As I understand it, you can't finance a home in any other way when the place has no plumbing due to vandalization, needs electrical work, and generally needs overhauling.) The house we bought isn't much to look at right now, but when we're done, we hope to have a cozy little place to call home that we can enjoy together for the long haul. While I am excited to finally quit renting, the purchase has reinforced my hatred of wall paper.

Then on May 1st, we rolled out the registration for Realm Makers: 2013, the first-ever symposium to address the creation of science fiction and fantasy through the lens of a Christian worldview. Although the conference will not deal with exclusively Christian market topics or players, faith will definitely play a part in the content. Registration is going strong, and I'm convinced we're going to have a great group of excited attendees learning from a top-notch faculty.

And lastly, I have officially signed the contract for my next book in the Windrider Saga, Valor's Worth. Unlike it's predecessors, this book is a full-out novel, some 400+ pages, and it no longer runs in the episodic format. This, I suspect will be to the great relief of some readers, and the equal chagrin of others. But I am confident in saying it is the best book I've written to date. We'll see if my readers agree, since therein lies the true test, right?

And for now, I'm off to get a cast put on my eldest son's broken arm. Yes, we have that going on along with everything else. Never a dull moment!


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