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Writing Adventure, Day 3

I've officially hit the moment where I can't go on without some caffiene, I'm am sorry to report. In an effort to avoid the other less than desirable effects of the mini-drug, I decided I was going to try to do without as much as possible while I'm out here. Well, when I woke up this morning and felt like my head weighed about 250 pounds and I couldn't have strung a conherent sentence together had anyone actually spoken to me, I gave up the fight.

Now, mind you, that's not straight coffee in that cup. I'm not a coffee drinker, unless it clearly tastes like something else. I poured a packet of hot chocolate mix into that cup first, then added coffee instead of water. The result was reasonably palatable, to my taste. Though I'm wondering what would happen if I threw one of the Werther's Originals hard candies that are sitting on the microwave cart in my room in there.

But anyway, since I am in a state where I need pseudo-coffee to function at all, I fear I have no poignant analogy for you today. All I can say is: this writing stuff is hard. The first draft came easy. People said it would. Now that I'm trying to go back and analyze everything I did by instinct on the first pass? That's a whole different story. I admire those people who can use the snowflake method and have everything in place before they pen a single sentence. But then I wonder, is that just swapping the long, hard work in the beginning, where I'm doing it at the end? Maybe I'll try to be an in-depth outliner for the NEXT book, and then I can see just how the process plays out in contrast.

For now, my task is to take what's left in my unanalyzed, instinctual yarn, and calculate everything for maximum emotional impact. No wonder I'm exhausted. Reader manipulation is tiring.


  1. At least you are tempted to flavor it with a Werhter's and not the salty tang of tears.:) Maybe if you drink three 5 Hour energy's at once you can get, like 15 hour energy? Followed by a heart attack, of course, but hey you'll die pretty and tragic and your work will become an internet sensation. Now THERE'S a plan!

  2. Lol! I once accidentally paired a 5 hour energy with a Dunkin Donuts iced caramel latte, and I felt like my limbs were going to jump off my body and go do something of their own accord. I can't imagine what would happen to you if you downed more than one power shot!


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