It was quiet. Too quiet...

I'm hoping some of you have been missing my weekly (ish) ruminations on life, writing, and whatever else. If you have, I invite you to drop by my new home for all things article-like at The New Authors Fellowship. My next bunch of thoughts goes live on Sunday morning, April 10th, and I'd be gratified if you dropped in. Now, bear in mind, being a group blog, new content goes up all the time, so if you dink around, you might have to hunt a little bit for my article. Of course, even if you don't find me, you're bound to read something good, since the folks over there all provide a great read.

Tomorrow's article expounds upon one of the goals we as writers ought to have, as I learned from the wise words of the great Chip MacGregor.

Hope to see you there! More Windrider coming to this venue on April 15th. (That's something better to think about than taxes on that day, I hope.)


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