The Adventure Begins

so now there's proof. i am indeed in st. george. technical difficulties are preventing me from even capitalizing letters in this post! but all things considered, the trip so far has been pretty smooth. 

my object lesson for the first couple days has to do with mountains. on the way here, i had a layover in denver, and yes, i had a view of the snowcapped rockies from the airport, in addition to having seen much of the various types of terrain this great country has to offer, albeit through an airplane window. 

seeing mountains from a distance can never compare, though, to getting right up close, to finding youself enfolded in their towering presence, in places where only the noonday sun can chase their shadows off. i drove through a littke canyon in northwest arizona that showed me this. it made me think of how we can appreciate god's greatness from afar, but we really need to step close enough to him to have his shadow envelop us to really understand his majesty. i'm thankful we have a god who invites us to draw near.

well, hopefully my little shopping trip this morning will help me solve my internet access can have this post from my phone, but uy. i don't want to make a habit of posting on a blackberry keyboard.


  1. Glad you made it safe and sound. Hopefully your technical difficulties will right themselves magically, although maybe that's God doing you a favor so you won't be distracted. Either way, have a good, slightly brain bleeding time (blood is the sign your are learning something weighty and important right?)

  2. You're dedicated for blogging on a Blackberry! :)
    Hope you learn a lot and have a wonderful time!

  3. Well, thank goodness the internet connection issue has been rectified, otherwise I don't know how I would have survived writing all day yesterday, because I would have had no music. Thanks for dropping by, friends. Hopefully I'll have a another snippet for you today.


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