The Windrider Saga Available NOW

The day has finally arrived! The print edition of The Windrider Saga is now available in a print edition. As of this writing, the only retailer that has the book is Amazon, but it should be available at Barnes and Noble in the very near future as well.

For those of you less-well acquainted with this set of stories, a little explanation may be in order. The stories in the ebooks (Divine Summons and A Greater Strength) had their first incarnation as serial fiction--stories I wrote for monthly issues of Digital Dragon Magazine, and then for my blog. So the novel-size book you can get today on Amazon won't read exactly like a novel. It is episodic, by the nature of the original format. Hopefully, though, it will be the fun read it's meant to be.

Anyone who took a gander at the podcast interview I posted before will realize that the original release date for this book (January 31st) came and went. Alas, that's how it goes when all the folks involved are doing this as a second job. Family illnesses and life can slow things down. We thought, by pushing the release back to the end of February, that we'd given ourselves plenty of breathing room. But alas, due to a fairly important oversight Scott and I picked up on the weekend before the release, we had to submit a new proof, and hence the little bit of a stutter start.

Qualifiers and clarifications aside, though, this is still an exciting time. Orders for signed books are coming in through the blog here, and sales are getting rolling on Amazon as well! As a matter of fact, the book was ranked #4 in the Hot New Releases in Christian Fantasy on Amazon on Saturday night.

And one last bit of news you don't want to miss:

***Until Monday, I'm also running a promotional drawing for signed copies of the book. Drop by my facebook page and share the link to the book sales page to be entered into the drawing.***


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