Pre-release buzz!

There are a lot of little ways people are working very hard to get my book some visibility right now, and I wanted to be sure you folks know about them--with all the effort that has gone into these promotions, I am excited to promote them.

First of all, a huge shout-out goes to Tim Ward for his interview with me over at The New Authors Fellowship. He is doing a book giveaway of copies of The Windrider Saga, which you will want for the cover art alone, even if you've already read the stories. Check out the blog and find out the particulars of how to enter.

While you're over at NAF, I'd be deeply honored if you would follow the link over to the podcast interview Tim did with me, co-hosted by my awesome critique partner and friend, Ruth Mills. The podcast is a bit of a marathon, but even if you catch just a bit of it, that would flatter me immensely. If you don't go to NAF, you can go directly to the podcast here at Holy Worlds.

Last, but not least, if you haven't noticed, I've installed a PayPal button at the top corner of this blog for the sole purpose of collecting advance orders of signed copies of the book. If you live too far outside my physical circle of influence for me to hand you a signed copy, please don't hesitate to pre-order a copy here.

Looking forward to my true release day, just as soon as Diminished Media's Print company recovers from the fact that I had to ask for changes to the final proof in the 11th hour. Ah well--the trials of being a newbie.


  1. Hooray! I listened to the interview in full, partly because I wanted to listen and see if I sound like a ridiculous goober to the general public. Suspicion confirmed. I did a ridiculous amount of nervous laughing in the interview. Ugh! Thankfully I don't talk much and you sound like a pro! :)

  2. Oh, did not sound like a goober. :D And if we're talking about laughter, I cringed every time I laughed, because I always suck in a noisy gasp at the end of a laugh (I remember kids making fun of me for it when I was little.) So you can imagine what I fixated on through the whole interview. ;) I'm just hoping I sounded reasonably intelligent amidst the long-windedness.

  3. Thanks for sharing about my giveaway and podcast, Becky. I did my best to edit knowing my own insecurities about my nervous laugh, but you wouldn't want me to have cut out all the laughing. Imagine what that would have sounded like, some old person's news show ;) Editing podcasts have opened my ears to all my favorite hosts's idiosyncrasies and the thing is, if you have something valuable to say, listeners will focus on that and not how you laugh or if you stutter. Podcast editors and people listening to themselves talk are the only ones who hear those types of things, or at least think very little about it.

    Very cool idea about the book order here. That's actually less than me just paying for the book on Amazon and shipping it to the winner. I can't wait to find out who wins so you can personalize it for them. Congrats again and thank you both for coming on the show; it was a lot of fun. Suspicion unconfirmed, Ruth ;)


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