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Sunday, September 25th, 2011-More Details

About a week ago, when I gave you the lay of the land on my publishing exploits, I promised I would give you more details as I have them, so I'm now making good on that promise.

Windrider News:
The Windrider, book 1, Divine Summons, is set to release on October 25th from Diminished Media Group, the folks who bring you Digital Dragon Magazine and A Flame in the Dark. A cover I know is going to be incredible is in process right now, and we are working out the details for bi-weekly podcasts of an audio version of the story as well. The next four weeks are going to careen by faster than I can even imagine, but I'm looking forward to having a great launch.

On November 22, book 2 of the series, A Greater Strength, will also be available in eformats, so if you read book one and have a hankering for more Vinyanel, Veranna, and even some new faces, that set of stories will be available to you right on the heels of book one.

If you know folks who…
Publishing Updates...a Lot Going on 'Round These Parts

New Authors Fellowship post for Sunday, September 18th

Hello Fantasy fans. Once again, I'm just calling your attention to my activity over on New Authors Fellowship in the time I still remain on the "unpublished" side of the fence over there. Amazingly, it's not going to be long before I no longer wear that mantle.

While I'm here, I'll give you the update on where things stand with my work that's inching toward release.

Diminished Media Group has had the first compilation of Windrider stories in their hands for a about a month now, making final tweaks to make then clean and shiny for release during October in ebook formats. We're also in the process of securing a top-notch illustrator for the cover, and I couldn't be more excited about her potential work for this set of stories. When that's all finalized, I'll let you know who this amazing artist is, and maybe even give you a sneak…

Come here, go there

For those of you who follow my blog both here and over at The New Authors Fellowship, your time of dual destinations will soon be coming to a close. When I joined into the group of fine bloggers over at NAF, the agreed upon length of posting was to be six months, after which my status as an unpublished author would be reevaluated, and then we would decide if I'd stay on as a featured author. Well, as I've mentioned in earlier post, I won't be an unpublished author anymore, come mid October. And thus, my regular contributions to NAF will come to a close.

Enter the resumed use of this blog, which has been admittedly cobwebby for the past six months. As much as I thought I might be able to maintain posting in two places at once, life has taught me otherwise. My sincere hope is that I will be able to maintain regular posting here, as well as do the needed edits on my work that's headed toward publication.

As I forge onward here, I'd love to know what you as readers wou…