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For those of you who follow my blog both here and over at The New Authors Fellowship, your time of dual destinations will soon be coming to a close. When I joined into the group of fine bloggers over at NAF, the agreed upon length of posting was to be six months, after which my status as an unpublished author would be reevaluated, and then we would decide if I'd stay on as a featured author. Well, as I've mentioned in earlier post, I won't be an unpublished author anymore, come mid October. And thus, my regular contributions to NAF will come to a close.

Enter the resumed use of this blog, which has been admittedly cobwebby for the past six months. As much as I thought I might be able to maintain posting in two places at once, life has taught me otherwise. My sincere hope is that I will be able to maintain regular posting here, as well as do the needed edits on my work that's headed toward publication.

As I forge onward here, I'd love to know what you as readers would love to see more commentary upon? Are there topics you'd like to see me research, interview others on, or simply ruminate upon? Would you like to see fiction here? Now's your chance to tell me what brings you back to a blog, and I'll do my best to deliver.

For now, however, most of my thoughts will be cropping up at NAF. This week's post discusses my use of my commute for the sake of beefing up my prayer life. I hope you'll drop by and be blessed.

New Authors Fellowship=Captive Audience

And later this fall, keep an eye trained here at CotC, so you can hear the latest news, release dates, and discussion of The Windrider, volumes one and two, as well as Sword of the Patron, whose release date is TBA.


  1. Well, you know I always want more Windrider, but I have the feeling that the days of receiving it free on your blog are over ;) And I think I am the odd duck. I know most folk who actually read blog want more of the quick snapshot into a topic or your life. Of the two of those I personally prefer the snapshot of whats going on in your life because I like to feel that there is other folk out there who are dealing with/experiencing the same sorts of issues/gripes/excitedness that I am. And if I am the only one who replies to this, then I demand more Vinnie! :)


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