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An Introduction to the Windrider Saga
Beyond Price, A Windrider Canticles Novella

Trapped beneath the stifling leadership of an unscrupulous caravan master, a half-elf gypsy seeks the truth of her worth. Veranna's path to freedom is fraught with painful revelations. Only if she can embrace the meaning behind her visions will she muster the bravery to break the bonds that tether her to a bleak future.

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Valor's Worth, book III of The Windrider Saga

When Lieutenant Commander Vinyanel Ecleriast intercepts a missive from the legendary Elgadrim people, the possibility the notorious dragon-kin may still pose a threat to elves and men drives Vinyanel on a self-appointed mission to investigate. Despite the misgivings of both his subordinates and his prophetess mentor, Vinyanel pursues his hunch and discovers the dragon-kin intend to employ the Chalice of Gherag-Tal in a gruesome plot of sacrifice and domination. 

Vinyanel races against the relentless march of time running short, stymied by his own folly and unexpected arrivals, including a hatchling dragon with whom he shares an unwitting but unbreakable bond. Only if he can reach the dragon-kin stronghold despite these obstacles will he thwart his enemies' plans to summon a supernatural army. A festering grudge. A quest kindled. A wound's depth. In the midst of warring factions stands the truth of valor's worth.

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What? You haven't read the first two books in the saga...never fear. You can still catch up on the serial fiction that started the series.

Also Available! The Windrider Saga, books 1 and 2
The print compilation of the first two Windrider serial fiction novellas: Divine Summons and A Greater Strength

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From the back of a dragon he shall lead—
and learn to follow.

When Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast loses both a lifelong friend and faithful mount to a military mission gone awry, the elven cavalry officer must summon the inner strength to tackle an unexpected calling. A baffling encounter with a half-elven prophetess named Veranna reveals to Vinyanel that the Maker of All has ordained he should become not just an officer, but one day, the high commander of the cavalry’s First Airborne Division. Circumstances introduce Vinyanel to Majestrin, the ancient silver dragon who becomes both mount and confidant.
But the things hardest won are often held shortest. A surreptitious enemy plot thrusts Vinyanel into yet another intervention on behalf of his beloved nation. Only if he can navigate the snares of deception, temptation, and murderous intent will he emerge victorious.
From the realization of his Divine Summons to the exploration of A Greater Strength, Vinyanel learns that not all troubles can be solved from a dragon’s saddle.
The hardest-fought battles rage upon the field of the soul.

Curse Bearer, book 1 of The Risen Age Archive
As of August, 2014, Curse Bearer is temporarily out of print. Stay tuned for the release of a new edition! If you would like a signed copy of the current edition, please contact me via the contact form on the home page for availability.

An oppressor’s assault, a father’s terminal illness, an elder knight’s enigmatic challenge…could a single thread interweave them all?

When Danae Baledric, apothecary’s apprentice, undertakes a journey to find a cure for a degenerative malady that’s killing her father, her search uncovers a series of life-altering revelations. Her father’s illness is part of a plot to enslave him. In addition, the forces of Darkness hunt Danae, intent upon collecting a debt she owes for drawing upon magical power whose cost she never understood. A commitment to a life of service to her Creator offers both deliverance from this debt and the power to intervene on her father’s behalf. But something bars Danae from claiming redemption—her insistence she must achieve her goals in her own strength.
It’s an epic tale of curses and miracles, where headstrong ignorance creates bondage, and the desire to serve offers freedom.

The Windrider Saga, Book I: Divine Summons (ebook only)

Cover art by Christina Hess

When a dark plot to undermine the security of the elven nation emerges, Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast must decide. Will he allow his contentious relationship with his half-elven mentor, the Prophetess Veranna, to interfere with his sworn duty to protect his people and his homeland? Newly ordained as the future High Commander of the First Airborne Division of the Elven Cavalry, Vinyanel sets off astride his new mount—a silver dragon—to intervene before the elves’ enemies disappear into the wilderness not only with priceless artifacts pivotal to the elves’ safety, but the life of the elven king in their hands. Only if he can put aside his preconceptions and take full hold of Veranna’s teaching will Vinyanel find the strength to fulfill his Divine Summons.

The Windrider Saga, Book II: A Greater Strength (ebook only)

Loner though he may be, Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast knows he cannot hope to accomplish his newest mission on his own. He and his comrades have managed to avert the disaster of their king’s abduction, but all is not well in the elven capital of Delsinon. Six precious Talismans of Passage slip farther from the elves’ grasp with each moment they contemplate a solution. Vinyanel’s superiors send him to reclaim what enemies have stolen.
He assembles an unlikely squadron and leads them from the back of his silver dragon mount and friend, Majestrin. Their guide: a rogue who once attempted Vinyanel’s assassination. A stealthy marksman, a bookish warrior who fights with grace, and a prophetess for wise (though sometimes annoying) spiritual guidance fill out the ranks.

The journey to the far reaches of the continent confronts Vinyanel with temptation, betrayal, and his own frailties, and all these threaten to unravel the mission. Acting as a vessel of justice is easy--but mercy? That requires a far greater strength.

Looking for a quick little diversion? Then pick up a copy of 
Wish Wary

A very short, folk tale-style story by Rebecca P. Minor, author of The Windrider Saga and Curse Bearer. A unicorn seeks a clever escape from his plight of granting unoriginal wishes to the human who has captured him. The story provides a quick, whimsical read, putting a dry spin on comfortable fantasy tropes.

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