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New Authors Fellowship post for Sunday, September 18th

Hello Fantasy fans. Once again, I'm just calling your attention to my activity over on New Authors Fellowship in the time I still remain on the "unpublished" side of the fence over there. Amazingly, it's not going to be long before I no longer wear that mantle.

While I'm here, I'll give you the update on where things stand with my work that's inching toward release.

Diminished Media Group has had the first compilation of Windrider stories in their hands for a about a month now, making final tweaks to make then clean and shiny for release during October in ebook formats. We're also in the process of securing a top-notch illustrator for the cover, and I couldn't be more excited about her potential work for this set of stories. When that's all finalized, I'll let you know who this amazing artist is, and maybe even give you a sneak peak at what the concept behind the cover is, if she'll let me. The tentative subtitle for that season is Divine Summons.

The Sword of the Patron contract has been returned to the publisher in question there, and once I've got a green light, I'll spill on who the great folks are who are going to put that book through the rigors of editing so it's ready for market. No release date is yet generated for that one, but you can bet I'll let you know what I find out that information.

I'm nearly done editing the second season of The Windrider, provided I don't pull a classic "me" and decide to entirely rewrite episodes 10 and 11 of that book. There's something slightly off in that section, and I'm hoping one of my patented bathtub strokes of genius will tidy that little issue up very soon. Then that one will be off to Diminished Media. I'm calling that book The Windrider, book II, A Greater Strength. We'll see if the folks over at Diminished let me keep that title, or if we cook up something more awesome.

So that's the publishing update from over here. And just for a little head's up, I will probably use my full name, Rebecca Minor, or even Rebecca P Minor on these books, so I'll be dual branding my names onto internet stuff regarding my work from here. Thanks for following!


  1. Hooray! Exciting things on the horizon. Cant wait to see the art on all of those goodies eventually :) On a totally unrelated note, Im sitting here listening to the Time Machine soundtrack (the newer one, from like 2002 or something) and wanted to to remind you to check it out. It has some good tracks. *cough* OK, back to editing :)


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