Update on Risen Fiction's Unpublished Author Contest

Well, voters, ya done good.

Sword of the Patron has advanced from the voting round into the second round of competition at Risen Fiction's contest, where the winner gets a publishing contract for his or her novel! Scary as it is, it's out of our hands now.

From this point, authors already affiliated with Risen Fiction will judge synopses and first chapters from the twenty contestants who have moved on to whittle the field down to five. From there, those five will invite the scrutiny of Risen's editorial team, and voila! Number one gets a contract. (Number two gets a kindle, which wouldn't be too shabby seeing as I have some personal interest in a few ebook titles coming out this fall...but more on that when the powers that be loosen my lips on the subject. And number three gets books. What writer doesn't love free books?)

Anyway, I wanted to personally thank those of you who voted. I wish I knew who you were! But alas, the contest doesn't let me know who or how many. So if you clicked stars and sent me forward, please accept this as my heartfelt thanks.

I'm sort of in a manic mode here, because a lot of stuff is in motion in my life right now. But as we all know, moving fast puts us at risk also for a high-speed crash, so pray the things I see on the horizon are great milestones on the journey, not roadblocks. It's hard to tell from here.

I'll keep you, faithful visitors, updated when there's more to say!


  1. Whoop! Congratulations, Becky. If the middle of the book is half as good as the front few and last few chapters I've seen (and I'm sure it's fabulous), you're set!

  2. Thanks Cindy! I appreciate the words of confidence! :) I'll keep everybody posted.


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