Let the Herald Trumpets Resound

OK, so maybe that's a little melodramatic, in a RenFaire kind of way.

But seriously, there have been some big developments in my writing life over the past few weeks, developments it's been killing me to keep my lip buttoned about. You may have seen this announcement in some of my other haunts, but if not, I'll post it here for your information.

Attention fantasy readers! I am pleased to officially announce that I have signed a publishing contract with Diminished Media Group, a new small press run by the fine folks who already bring speculative fiction audiences Digital Dragon magazine and A Flame in the Dark.

Through this contract, Diminished Media intends to publish my serial fiction The Windrider. Some of you may have read the first season of this tale, which ran in Digital Dragon from July of 2009 to August of 2010. Diminished Media’s publications will include an ebook version of not only this first set of thirteen stories, revised for publication, but a second ebook of the serial’s continuation, part of which ran at my blog at the end of 2010. For those want to have all the stories on paper, a print compilation of both seasons will also release from DMG.

When will all these stories be available? The release schedule is set for this fall—roughly mid October for the first book, late November for the second, and the release date for the print compilation is TBD.

So break out you Kindles (and other ereaders) and keep an eye out for further announcements about when you can get your compiled editions of The Windrider. Better yet, if you’d like to be on a mailing list where I specifically alert you to exact release dates, email me at beckyminor123[at]comcast[dot]net.

Each ebook will be novella length (somewhere between 100-150 pages, as I can best guess right now) so I believe you'll feel you got your money's worth if you purchase them for your ereader. People keep asking me if I will be doing cover or interior art for the books, and at this juncture, I have no answer to that. I think it would be awfully cool to have a few illustrations on the pages of these stories, but graphics do create a whole 'nuther level of headache, so we shall see what the verdict is on that. And of course, I'll let you know when I know.

Thanks for your continued support, faithful readers. It's only because of you these stories are getting a chance at reaching a wider audience.


  1. Fabu! Congratulations!


    Con-Gratu-Fabulicious-Lations, Becky! :) :) :) :D


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