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Maybe some of you have noticed...I sort of suck at blogging. I mean, really. I don't know why, but article-writing just seems beyond my capacity...any point I want to make is basically able to be summed up in the space of a Facebook post, so that's pretty much where I've been doing all my ruminating for the past couple of years. So in terms of my blog, I have decided to allow myself to let it be for the occasional announcement, periodic update, or sampling of "here's what I'm up to."

Today is a "here's what I'm up to" day. I've decided to share a couple pieces of artwork with you fine folks, hopefully for your enjoyment and not just the stroking of my ego.

Ah, Harry Moon--the project that has me drawing about 15-20 drawings a day right now. Fun stuff! Praying for a strong finish and excellent reception of the final product.
This was just a moment I had to take to acknowledge that working as an artist still leaves you a little bit of longing to immerse in your own ideas. I'm grateful to have full-time freelance work, but I do miss my crew of characters

Last but not least, the design for this year's Realm Makers T-shirt. I fully expect the concerned emails to start flowing in that I'm going to get sued, but I promise, the design cannot be construed as a bootleg property, and the distribution is limited, so it will be OK. :) I'm far too Lawful Good to proceed otherwise.

And now, it's back to the world of conference directing and drawing like mad! Thanks for dropping in. 


  1. Hey! My little girl saw your image for Realm Makers this year and she was like, that's Star Wars! Ha! Bummed I won't be able to make this year, but hoping for next year!

    Also, love the image of your characters getting on to you. :-)

    1. Thanks, Jennette! We want you to be there every year, but of course, we know how life sometimes insists otherwise.

      And congrats on rearing a geek savvy kiddo!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the high praise, Kat! Glad you enjoyed them


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