Valor's Worth Cover Reveal

Whether or not you believe it takes a village to raise a child, it does seem to take at least a city block or two of folks to build a book cover--at least when you're like me and have the vision, but lack the layout chops to actually finish the job!

And so, after the coordinating efforts of Mitchell Bently of Atomic Fly Studios, Morgen and Ken Knott's photography, and my crazy building of props, sketching, and mocking up, we arrive at the cover for the next release in The Windrider Saga...

Front cover for Valor's Worth

And the back cover, since it has my doodle on it and I couldn't resist. 

I hope the covers will speak for themselves and draw in readers for this, the first novel-length Windrider story to reach the market. Look for it at the beginning of August...and don't worry, there will be an announcement when you can get the book on Amazon. 


  1. Excellent! It came out totally awesome!

    1. Thanks, Kessie! It will be even cooler to see it around book pages when I get my copies for Realm Makers. Wheee!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the good word, Sonja...and also thanks for stopping by the blog.


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