Did Somebody Say Cheesecake?

In this age of new authors struggling to rise above all the white noise out there and find a loyal readership, it only makes sense to band together with like-minded folks to increase one's volume. After all, if I'm in a crowd of people shouting "Read my book-blog-serial-whatever," won't a half dozen people saying "Read THIS!" together rise above the other single voices?

And so, let me introduce you to the new chorus of sorts in my life, The Cheesecake Thickens. The masterminds behind my previous blogging home, The New Authors Fellowship, have created a little place for those of us who have "graduated" NAF to continue blogging together. When I say "graduated," that means having gotten published. NAF was an awesome factor in helping those of us who blog there to gain industry visibility, and I'm convinced the unparalleled matriculation of its members into the world of the published is no coincidence.

So now that our vision no longer fits the NAF goal of publisher hunting, it's only logical that we should band together in a new place where we can embark on a new quest: the hunt for readership. To that end, we won't be writing about writing much, if at all. You'll see a lot more anecdotes, personal reflections, and whatever else we can estimate drives the interest of readers who exist outside our little circle of writer friends.

Now, to be clear, I'll still be blogging here, as the posts over at TCT won't be weekly like there were at NAF. But I will be linking to TCT fairly often, since the folks there are just plain geniuses and deserve all the exposure they can get, even from my little blog.

So join us over yonder for the ruminations, thrice weekly of
P.A. Baines
Keven Newsome
Kat Heckenbach
and yours truly.

You'll be glad you did!


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