Contest time...

Well folks, yes, it's been very quiet over here, but I like to hope I might be able to draw some traffic with a little smidge of an update.

Sword of the Patron, my first novel length work, has not yet found a publishing home, so it's taking another little jaunt into a contest. This one can be found at:

The winner gets a contract with Risen Fiction, so the stakes are pretty high on this one. (Second and third place aren't too shabby either...who wouldn't love a Kindle or free books?)

Anyway, this is the official "Vote for me" post on my blog. I don't like to self promote to the point of being someone you tune out, so I'll try to keep these posts to a minimum. The way I can do that best is if you, dear readers, also promote my entry to your friends. You have way more clout than I do! :)

So, Sci-Fi/Fantasy submission #1 over at Risen's contest is my work, and if you enjoy the blurb I've provided and would like to see this novel finally get a home, please vote for me. If you don't love it, please vote your conscience. I can't fault you for honesty.

Blessings to you and yours, and stay tuned for news on if I advance!


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