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Those of you who know me a little better are probably familiar with the fact that my first storytelling medium was animation--long enough ago that the animation for feature films was still drawn by hand on (gasp) paper. Although making animation ceased to be feasible for me because I was a stay-at-home mom with no time or equipment, that doesn't mean the storyteller part of my soul packed up and took a hike--it just got restless. So restless it spat out five novels and three novellas.

Well, the artist part of me wouldn't be put to bed so easily either, which is why I am now working on a graphic novel version of my first Windrider Saga book, Divine Summons. (This is simultaneous with me also preparing the novel for re-release and freelancing steadily for Rabbit Publishers and couple of other clients.) All these projects have my head spinning a little, as you can imagine, and the practical side of me has put her foot down and said, "Look, if you're going to invest time in all these personal excursions, you better find a way to monetize them."

Enter Patreon. If you've never looked at the platform, the basic gist is this: creators agree to deliver their own work to people who subscribe to them on the site. The creator sets the subscription price and what the patrons get for their support. I've decided I want to try to do 8-10 pages of the Windrider graphic novel per month. Granted, that means it will probably take two years for me to create the whole thing, but slow and steady is better than nothing, right?

I've made my first delivery of pages as of November 1st, 2017, and I'm frankly pretty thrilled with how they've turned out. I only got seven done, but that has a lot to do with the fact that I only have a handful of patrons at the moment. (Practical me keeps telling Vinyanel-addicted me that I can't sink all my time into drawing him unless I get to the point of having, well, about 600 patrons. *Sniff. *Cry. I am SO far away from that point.)

So, I guess this post is both an announcement and a plea. If you'd like to see Vinyanel's story told in my own drawings, then I'd be extremely grateful if you subscribed to my Patreon page. I'd also love it if you brought friends. In addition to the graphic novel pages, you'll also get exclusive art sneak peaks, sample chapters of works in progress, and other insider stuff.

Otherwise, I'd also just like to celebrate that fact that I've finally taken steps to make this graphic novel I've been talking about since 2014 a reality.

For those of you who've been journeying with me on this blog for ages, even though it's like a barren wasteland more often than it's active, I appreciate you. Keep an eye out for the expanded edition of Divine Summons, coming soon. But more specifics on that later.


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