Giveaway celebrating the re-release of Divine Summons

Looking for a quick read full of fantasy adventure, including an elf who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut, a prophetess who's been charged to influence him, and a silver dragon at their sides? Then you want to read the new, revised edition of Divine Summons, book 1 of The Windrider Saga.

This novella is now available for the bargain price of $1.99 for Kindle. Or, if you're a member of Kindle Unlimited, borrow it for free.

But what's a book release without a giveaway, right? For the rest of this week (April 13-18), we're taking entries to a Rafflecopter giveaway

You know you want this, so enter. I'd also love it if you'd tell friends. A strong re-release of this books paves the way for me to continue onward to return the rest of books to market.

Good luck, and thank you for your support!


  1. Sweet! I've been waiting for this. Did you end up an add any chapters to the re-release?

    1. Hey Aaron--I did not add any full chapters, but I did flesh out many of the very lean areas in the text. For example, the opening chapter's pace was too quick (to try to fit the original 1500 words or less word count constraint of its serial publication) so I let the characters linger over certain drama moments longer. Plus, I gave Veranna and Major Galdurith a little more substance in their early interactions.

      Hopefully these additions will help people connect with the story more completely.

  2. Just got my copy - looking forward to reading it. In all my spare time, of course. HA!

    1. That's awesome, Pam! At least it's short enough not to consume a long stretch of that missing spare time. :) As for books later in the series...well...


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