A Peek at the Process: Part I

For as many writers as you’ll find in within shouting distance, you’ll find just as many creative processes. It’s amazing to me, how although we’re all striving for the same end (a tightly-crafted story) that we all attack that behemoth task on different fronts. So, as suggested by Kat Heckenbach, I thought I’d jump into the stream of authors who are lately discussing their current projects and a little about how they are tackling them. Be sure to check out Kat’s post on the subject and leave a comment there..since after all, we writers live for feedback, even if it also scares us to death.

Since, true to form, this post grew to mammoth proportions, I am going to post this in two parts. Look for the second half on Thursday, in which I will tag the next author’s blog who will be tackling this project.

What I’m working on:
As lovely as this is, I'm glad I can type on a computer...
Currently, I have a novel that will serve as the sequel to Curse Bearer in the works. The working title for this project is Curse Reiver, but as we all know, titles have a way of shifting around right up to the point the cover is finished, so I’m holding this title with a light grip.

Curse Reiver, the second book of The Risen Age Archive continues the story of Danae Baledric and her desperate journey to return to her father in time to cast off a curse that destines him for an agonizing future of magical bondage. It’s a rollicking story that drives Danae and her friends through subterranean caverns populated by mermaids, through gladiatorial battles, behind the walls of a siege, and over land and sea back to Danae’s beleaguered homeland. Friendships struggle to ford the buffeting waters of treachery, and characters face the darkest corners of their souls.

How my work is different:
It’s taken me a while to really pigeonhole where my work fits, and I think that is where it stands out. I write character-oriented, clean, new adult fantasy. Though the world is often at stake, the scope of my stories tends to focus specifically on my protagonists’ individual contributions to the greater whole, and upon their personal transformations as a result of their adventures. Readers generally only see the sweep of world history as it touches my protagonists specifically.

As for audience, my characters fall into the “new adult” range—away from their home and families of origin, but not yet established in the adult world. But unlike much of the new adult fare out there, plot elements that involve sexual exploration are absent.  An occasional kiss, whether well-meaning or ill-advised, yes. Temptation and struggle? Some. While human chemistry is a facet of pretty much all stages of life from adolescence on, I don’t find sexual experience to be the cornerstone of self awareness that so many would paint it to be. Plus, I think it’s most tactful to keep what happens behind closed doors…well, behind closed doors, even in deep-third POV fiction. Observing other people’s (even fictional people’s) intimate encounters is distasteful to me. It’s a personal conviction of mine that many will disagree with, and that’s ok. It’s how I intend to roll no matter what.

So concludes part I of this blog chain. Please join me again on Thursday, and in the meantime, check out Kat Heckenbach’s blog, since she’s the one who prompted me to participate, even though I am not typically a bandwagony person. 


  1. Awesome! I'm glad you're participating! I agree with you about the closed doors thing. There's just so many other life experiences to write about!

  2. Very cool! I'm glad you're participating, too :).

    And yeah, New Adult seems to be defined based on it's coming of sexual age, which is why I've avoided a lot of that genre. You are absolutely right that there is so much more to be explored, though.


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