Confessions of a Blog Slacker

Yes, I have to admit...I have been sorely neglectful of this blog space. My number of posts as of late ( plus my statistics) bear testimony to that fact. As much as I wish I could say that's because I've been lounging under an umbrella somewhere sunny while I gorged myself on bon bons, that's not the case. It has more to do with the collision of my new job, the beginning of the school year, the push to finish the second Windrider book, and all those other "life things" that come up. Thankfully, I can say that all of the above appear to be going or have gone quite well.

The reality of just how close my work "going public" is has suddenly become more sobering today, as I got my edited version of The Windrider, Divine Summons, back from the realm of edits today. The heat is on for me to check it over for any last jots or tittles out of place before it gets formatted for Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. While I'm excited about the release that's looming, there's also that whispering sense of. "Oh, shoot. Now people have plenty of opportunity to say my stuff stinks!"

But that's what I signed up for with this author gig, right? After all, there are people out there who say Hemingway, Tolstoy, and Dickens stink. If I could even stink as much as Dan Brown, I think I'd have no room for complaint. ;)

I just ask you bear with me for another couple of weeks while I'm still an active member over at New Author's Fellowship. After that, this will be my main arena for touching base with those faithful who drop by, so you'll see the activity pick up here again. Dare I promise? I probably should, since the very act will pressure me into keeping my word.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for more specifics (like links) about where you'll be able to get your own e-copy of the Windrider Saga. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together, and saying a little prayer nobody tears it apart if it doesn't deserve it.  (And by the way, if you want to provide an objective review, let me know. I need some advance readers to have comments ready as close to the release date as possible!)


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