Not forgotten

One would be tempted to say I've forgotten all about this blog over the past couple months. Let me assure you, nothing is farther from the truth. The fact that it sits empty, un-updated, and collecting dust haunts me daily. That's why I feel it's only fair (at least to my own conscience, and hopefully to a few others of you out there) to go ahead and make the following announcement.

The Windrider saga is going on hiatus for an undetermined length of time, which may become permanent, depending on a potential reprint market for (at minimum) the first season of the work. I know for a handful of you devoted readers, that is going to be a major bummer, and I do apologize for that. The fact is, I am no longer ahead on the stories like I once was, and I'm just not comfortable writing an installment and posting it the second it's cooled from the heat of the forge. I've been posting without sharpening, and that's not good for you--the reader, or me--the writer. May you forgive me for that. I'm not saying I'll never resurrect the series here...just that it will be a long time in coming if I do.

My goal is to get ahead on the story some in finish the second season in it's entirety before I post any more episodes. After all, what if I have some great idea in episode ten that impacts how things SHOULD have happened in episode 7? I don't want to box myself into this little crate of no revisions like I have been.

I may still post the occasional article here, especially if I have ruminations that don't fit over at The New Authors Fellowship.

Should that be the case, I hope you will join me here at CotC and leave your comments. You have all been a blessing to me when you do. Have a safe and blessed summer!



  1. Aw. I am sad :( But at least I am not completely from the vine. I hope you do manage to revisit Vinyanel, but I know you have more pressing projects that demand you attention for quality assurance. And who doesn't want quality, whether with your art, SotP or with Vinyanel. Hopefully this is a stress relief for you!

  2. Good writing takes time, and if people like your stuff, they will be willing to wait for it! :) People would rather eat the food that is well prepared, seasoned and plated nicely, then having a plain bologna sandwich with some chips tossed on a paper plate, if you get my meaning. We can eat the latter well enough, but we all prefer the former!


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