Just a quick shout-out

Hey CotC readers!

Heather Titus has paid me the ultimate compliment of asking me for an interview to post over at her blog, so if you want a quick peek into my background and process, hop over there and give her a read. If I had a prize to offer for people who comment, I would hand them out like candy.

(Hmmm. Note to self. Do some kind of really cool fantasy drawing I can make giclee prints of as givaways...)

Blessings on your week ahead!


  1. Congratulations, Becky! I'll be sure to read about you there!

  2. Thanks, E.J.! Good to see you over here in my little slice of the world.

    Write on, friend. :)

  3. Great interview and hilarious! Keep up the good work and I may need to peep out your series!


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