Multiple Exploits

So, some of you may be wondering, "Hey, what has you so busy you can't get us our installment of the Windrider serial, you slacker?" And I do apologize that there's been such a gap since last time. Consider this my solemn promise I will have the next episode up and for consumption on January 15th.

The thumbnail image above is part of the "other" stuff I've been focusing on. Those of you who traverse the same web-roads I do may already know that Port Yonder Press is going to be releasing a book later this year called The Book of Silvari: An Elven Anthology (sometime during the summer/fall of 2011.) I have been blessed with the honor of providing illustrations for at least one of the stories in this work, particularly, Ruth Mills' excellent fantasy yarn "The Renewal." It has been a great joy working with Ruth to convey a couple of the most cinematic moments in her work...and hey, I can't complain abut having an illustration credit in the book.

Doing the images for this particular story has tickled the part of me that loves a great epic movie, and I'm very fortunate the author and I talk almost precisely the same language when it comes to inspiration from the worlds of film and fantasy as we discuss what she wants for her artwork. The opportunity to tap back into the old draftsperson toolbox, with a reason besides my own self-gratification, has brought a smile to face with every stroke of the pencil. (Okay, between the times I'm cursing myself for not being able to get some devilish nuance right. As I said on my professional facebook page the other day, the devil is in the details, but you'll find the artistry there as well.)

So, despite the fact that my not-so-short story didn't make the anthology, I am equally as pleased that my artwork will as I might have been if my writing had hit that pages. It served as a reminder to me that God is sovereign, and he wants his best for us, even if we have a hard time getting our finite heads around what that is.

So, in-between drawings, I again promise the exploits of Vinyanel and his um...friends (?) will be back to fill this spot soon. If you want to drive that endeavor and help motivate me to keep the tale spinning, invite a friend to the site. I'd love to have the fan base grow over the coming months, and your word of mouth is a huge part of that.

Blessings upon you in this new year!


  1. Can't wait to see all your drawings in the anthology! Beautiful work on the one here :).

  2. Thanks for the thumbs up, Kat...that really means a lot. :) Here's hoping the others come out as well.

  3. Your drawings look great, Becky!

  4. Ruth is on of my dearest friends, I am glad she has found a kindred spirit in this book venture. I am so looking forward to seeing it in print...I can only imagine how you both feel!

  5. This is my favorite drawing of yours.

  6. Thanks, Joe! I appreciate the compliment, and I hope the readers on the anthology are inclined to agree with you. :)


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