Windrider Finale and an Announcement

I just wanted to drop a quick note here to let any of you who are interested know that the season 1 finale of The Windrider is now live on Digital Dragon. The Windrider, Episode XIII: Creo's Sight

I'd be deeply grateful if you dropped in on my friends and I over there and gave the story a read. While you're there, browse around an d see what else you like in the issue.

This all leads me to an announcement regarding the future of The Windrider. There's certainly no shortage of other exploits I can write about Captain Ecleriast and his cast of supporting characters, but due to a lot of converging circumstances, there's a bit of a change on the wind. Starting in September, the story of Vinyanel Ecleriast, Majestrin, and Veranna will indeed continue, only you will find the stories here at Call of the Creator, rather than over at Digital Dragon. (More on my thanks to DDM is coming, just not here and now. But if you'd like to hear Tim's perspective on how our journey together has gone over the past year, you can read his article: Tim's kind farewell)

I will be experimenting with the format of the releases (whether it will be partial stories either weekly or bi-monthly, or an entire story once a month) so your feedback will be paramount. Also integral to the success of this endeavor will be word-of-mouth. Please, if you know somebody who you think would appreciate the stories, tell them about this blog and encourage them to visit.

Why am I so insistent, you may wonder? Well, first of all, let's face it, most writers write to be read. I admit that. I'm not such a lofty artistic purest that I can put stories down and feel satisfied with the process with no sense of having provided anybody else with a moment of entertainment at least. But just as importantly, gaining readers for The Windrider has everything to do with the eventual success of my novel-length fiction. A reader base is essential to the successful marketing of a book, and one of my efforts to build a strong reader base will focus here.

So, if this sounds like a plea for you to drag as many people as you can over here to read what I'm posting, I guess that's because that's what it is, pretty much. Statistics show that the single most popular reason a person picks up a book to read is because someone they respect told them it was good. I'm "gazelle intense" as Dave Ramsey would put it, about getting my novels into print, and I'd be deeply grateful if you readers could be a part of that equation.

More fiction to come!


  1. Awesomeness. :)

    What about posting stories on the HW blog every once in a while? We are heading in that direction, and methinks it will get you good coverage (increasingly more so).

    I will definitely promote your stories through my network. ;)

  2. Hi Sir Emeth...that's a good idea--I will think over the particulars and be in touch with you about that. I'm thankful for your support, especially with the great connections you've built with fantasy-minded folks.


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