Since I am typically remiss in posting any recent artwork, I figured I'd throw an image here on the main page for folks to heckle. Most of my writing is character driven, which means (to me) that the characters come first. I design them, build at least a skeletal framework for their personalities, then throw them into a situation and see how they will deal with it. The outcome is usually a surprise, at least to me.

The character providing me with the most startling revelations of late has been Lieutenant Commander Vinyanel Ecleriast...oh wait...if the one or two people who read that serial drop in over here, I guess that was a tiny spoiler about something that happens in season two. But anyway, I felt it was high time I put a face on this character I've been writing about for a year now...or should I say, a face visible to someone besides me.

It's always a risk, putting an image with a written character. People always say "Wait, that's not how I pictured him." But I figure, I'm reasonably safe, since this sketch is pretty much "animation style," so it doesn't really register in a person's mind like a photographic image would as being as right or wrong for the character might. At least that's what I'm hoping.

So, what's in store for my writing journey as I head into summer?

  • I hope to finish at least season 2 of The Windrider, where Vinyanel leaves Delsinon in pursuit of the stolen talismans of passage that will allow whoever carries them to penetrate the illusion that has protected the city from invaders for generations. Veranna and Majestrin will continue to play a key role, with supporting plot threads supplied by Major Galdurith Emynon and another character of dubious intent who worms his way into the band of travelers. I recently posted something about a ninja assassin on facebook making his way into the story, and while this new character isn't exactly a ninja, I hope you'll enjoy the part he plays in the story development.
  • I am putting another coat of wax and polish on The Sword of the Patron (and a hearty thanks to Jennette for going through the whole manuscript with me to help me find those missing words and other hiccups that still have managed to elude editing.) 
  • I'm trying to get all my "front matter" for SotP in tip top shape, since I recently registered for the ACFW conference in Indianapolis this fall. With any luck, I'll make some contacts that will bring that book closer to publication. All that remains is to scrape together the pennies for the flight out there and the hotel, since I don't think the conference folks would appreciate it if I slept in my 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan in their parking lot. ;)
  • I'm working on a tragic short story set in the early history of my world, with hopes of submitting it for Port Yonder Press' Elves Anthology that they are hoping to fill with submissions this October. I'm about 8000 words into it, and very close to finishing the first draft. Then editing it will be.
  • And somewhere in there, I considered adding short fiction to this blog. That may have to wait for fall.
  • This is in addition to all things in the word of being a wife, mom, and VBS decorations guru. Pray I can keep all the priorities in the right order!
So that's what the next few months have in store in the world of fantasy writing. As always, your prayers, readership and snarky comments are more than appreciated. (And I mean that, even about the snarky comments. A laugh is good medicine, so I'm told.)


  1. You are very blessed to be able to draw your characters. I wish I had the same talent....

  2. No heckling here--I love it. I have a fondness for seeing animation in sketchy form. Very cool.

  3. I just found your blog and would like to introduce myself. I am the author of the Christian fantasy novel "Swords of the Six" to be released by AMG Publishers this fall.

    I like the style of your artwork. Have you done any full-color renderings?

  4. I really like that artwork. I love the design of the armor and the elf. It kinda shows the calm, yet passionate side of the elves. Very cool :)


  5. Thanks, each of you, for your kind words on the sketch. Lately, I find it more nerve wracking to put drawings online than I do writing. (Maybe that's because I'm such a hack writer that I don't realize I'm embarrassing myself every time I post writing. J/K.)

    And Scott, congratulations on the pending release of your novel. I'm going to head over to your blog and see what else I can learn about it.


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