The Windrider Saga has languished too long!!

Dear friends and fans, I know it's been a long time since you've seen much in the way of new writing from me, and I promise you, I am working to remedy that issue as soon as possible.

That's why I come to you with a question: do you prefer shorter books, or big, long, immersive ones?

Here's the reason I ask: I have long been mulling over my books from The Windrider Saga because I have been concerned that the nature of the series (book 1, novella, book 2, longish novella, book 3 THICK novel) was going to make it difficult for me to catch and retain a steady readership. So, in an effort to unify the series, I have been working on Divine Summons (book 1) to extend it to novel length.

But the more I read about fiction trends, the more I see that novellas are actually pretty hot at the moment. People have less time to read, on the whole, so a shorter book appeals to them for this reason.

So, if you ruled the world of my Windrider books, how would YOU want to see them re-released?

-As all novel-length fiction
-As all novella-lento fiction (breaking up the 3rd book to accomplish this)
-Let them be whatever they are according to the story they tell

In this world of independent publishing, I can literally do anything, so I want to make that anything the something you readers want. So please, weigh in! Help me reader-Jedi, you're my only hope. ;)

In order to have your say, drop by this little one-question survey I've created. I look forward to hearing what YOU want.
Click Here to Take the Survey


  1. I personally don't mind the shorter format that gets longer and longer. I think you could almost set book 1 (the shortest one) to permafree to draw people to the series. Having a free short story or novella as a series hook is a commonly-used strategy. I've got into lots of series that way.

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  3. I don't care about the length at all as long as I can find and read the rest of the series. I loved Divine Summons and want to know what happens next.


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