Fabulous Dragon T-shirt--2 weeks only!

We Minors are about to head out on a major adventure, and you know what?

Adventures are expensive. And I don't have a contract from a bunch of dwarves promising me an equal share of the treasure at the end. As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

Here's a little context to help you make sense of things. Every year since we began Realm Makers, I have designed the official Conference T Shirt as well as a "fun design" that we sell as a simple artistic endeavor. From fandom to geekery, these shirts have definitely been popular--and I've enjoyed seeing friends and strangers alike wear them.

This year, we've been working with the fabulous Kirk DouPonce, illustrator extraordinaire, to generate some updated branding for the conference and our awards. Out of that process, this awesome dragon graphic arose.

Being the dragon freak that I am, I was immediately ready to slap that puppy on everything, from our awards seals to our car to our bodies. (Not kidding, we had temporary tattoos made!)

More sober minds steadied us, however--we are hoping to take our show on the road, so to speak, and attend multiple homeschool conferences as a vendor in the near future. (More on that in due time.) But just like the way the words "magic," and "fantasy" might keep you out of some homeschool conferences, a banner with a giant red dragon might just have the same effect.

So, OK, Realm Makers won't wear the dragon badge on everything.

But that doesn't mean our nerdy following can't wear the dragon on a shirt!

And so, ahead of Realm Makers: 2017, we're doing a pre-sale campaign on these awesome shirts. Not only because we think our fans will like them, but because of that thing I mentioned up above: adventures are expensive, and we need to get creative about how we're going to fund driving from Pennsylvania to Reno and back again. It will be a grand total of 7000 miles and 4 weeks on the road.

I will be working on freelance projects along the way, but as is the nature of the freelance life, we have to guard against those times of slim pickings, which life has been dishing out over recent months.

So, if you're so inclined over the next couple weeks, I would be honored if you would be willing to order a dragon shirt for you or a friend. They come in men's and ladies' styles. You can elect to have them shipped straight to you, or if you'll be with us at Realm Makers at the end of July, you can save the shipping and pick your shirt up there.

I can't make any guarantee of there being available inventory of these shirts after this campaign, so get 'em while they're hot.


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